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How to find First Aid training equipment and consumables

Equipment we define as something that will last several / many courses – such as manikins, projectors, reusable bandages

Consumables last either just one course (faceshields / First Aid manual for the student) or a few – standard bandages and dressings.

Suppliers – alphabetical

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Setting outGetting set upThe Business sideUseful ResourcesAdvanced resources
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Why become a First Aid TrainerQualifications overviewLegal format of your BusinessBuy equipment & consumablesPremium package
Can I become a First Aid Trainer – have I got what it takes?Getting QualifiedUseful Legal documentsList of Training Organisations
How do I become a First Aid TrainerGoverning BodiesVATList of governing and Awarding Organisations
Equipment neededBookkeepingUseful websites
Buy equipment and consumablesBusiness toolsFirst Aid abbreviations
Budgeting and pricingEarn while you sleepBooks and e-books
Marketing and AdvertisingManging my clients (the Pareto Principle)
Managing my courses
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