First Aid training equipment needed

Unless you are employed by others you will need your own set of training equipment. As with most occupations there is equipment that you need to buy, equipment that is useful and then there is ‘nice to have’ equipment. It is very easy to get carried away!

Required equipment

HSE Guidelines recommend a minimum ratio for certain equipment (e.g. manikins). I am assuming that you want to teach up to the course maximum of 12 and the numbers below reflect that. You can have more. For instance I actually have 1 manikin per learner to make life easier, however I appreciate that is a big outlay – as well as needing a decent size vehicle.

Prices are for new. Expect to pay about half this for second hand.

Adult Manikinmin 3 (1:4)about £200 each
Child manikinmin 3 (1:4)min 3 (1:4)about £200 each
Baby manikinmin 3 (1:4)about £200 each
Bandages and dressings1 per learner1 per learnerallow £1 per learner, although better quality ones will last several sessions even though they are more expensive
Flexi splints (reusable)3-4 per courseFor 3-day Workplace and outdoor courses. Any course that covers fractures
Training defibrillator1 per manikin1 per manikinAbout £300-400
First Aid Kit and Accident book11This is your workplace!
Hygiene itemsNitrile gloves, manikin wipes, hand gel, training faceshields
Black / blue pensLearners always forget to bring pens!

Desirable equipment – useful to have

Projector / screen / laptop / extension lead / cable guardIf using Presentations
Magic whiteboardMagic whiteboard is white plastic on a roll that can stick to walls with static. Used for writing on or projecting onto
Choking vestsUsed for practising dealing with choking. Comes in adult and child versions. Trainers are divided as to how good they are but I find them great for reinforcing learning
A4 whiteboardsUseful for group work
Airway demonstratorThis a head that can tilt demonstrating how a head tilt and chin lift can open an airway. Used as a visual tool by some trainers

Back Office – to manage courses

PC / Laptop
PrinterI’ve bitten the bullet and got a Laserjet as I’m fed up of unclogging inkjets if I don’t use them for a while. If you plan on printing your own Certificates a decent one plus decent card is a must
Landline or virtual landlineHaving a mobile number as your main contact screams ‘small business / one person band’. Giving out a virtual 01 / 02 number that is on permanent redirect to your mobile looks so much more professional. Couple that with….
Answer service… virtual assistant. When I’m teaching I can’t be answering the ‘phone. I have a service where unanswered calls are diverted to a real human answering service who will take a message then email and text me the message so I can call them back. Again this gives the impression of a larger Organisation.
We use and can highly recommend it

Setting outGetting set upThe Business sideUseful ResourcesAdvanced resources
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Why become a First Aid TrainerQualifications overviewLegal format of your BusinessBuy equipment & consumablesPremium package
Can I become a First Aid Trainer – have I got what it takes?Getting QualifiedUseful Legal documentsList of Training Organisations
How do I become a First Aid TrainerGoverning BodiesVATList of governing and Awarding Organisations
Equipment neededBookkeepingUseful websites
Buy equipment and consumablesBusiness toolsFirst Aid abbreviations
Budgeting and pricingEarn while you sleepBooks and e-books
Marketing and AdvertisingManging my clients (the Pareto Principle)
Managing my courses
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