How to become a First Aid Trainer

What do I need to do to become a First Aid Trainer?

Since the HSE deregulated First Aid Training in 2013 it has become very easy to set up as a Trainer. The obvious advantage is that it is a lot easier for you to start Training; the obvious disadvantage is that since anyone can start, the barriers to entry are low and there are a lot of Trainers competing for the same clients.

As a minimum you need the following:

  • A Level 3 or higher Teaching qualification
  • A Level 3 or higher Assessing qualification
  • A First Aid qualification – as a minimum a 3-day First Aid at work qualification
  • Sufficient equipment
  • Insurance
  • Client(s)

By having a teaching and an assessing qualification you can teach the courses and also asses the learners’ competencies. If you don’t have an assessing qualification you would need to buy in an assessor for each course that you delivered.

A First Aid qualification ensures that you have competency in the subject that you are teaching.

Is that really it?

Well, yes, however you will be restricted in what you teach and you may not make a very good trainer – which means repeat courses and recommendations may not follow. Whilst it is not always the case, generally speaking, to be a good trainer some form of First Aid experience with real patients / casualties is highly recommended. I totally accept that even the highest qualified medical staff can make terrible trainers, if you have dealt with casualties; with severe bleeds, medical problems and Cardiac Arrests you will be able to talk about the subjects from an experience point of view, not just something read from a First Aid manual.

Not only that, a First Aid at work qualification does not even give you the theoretical knowledge for teaching paediatric and outdoor courses – you should look to be gaining these additional qualifications. If you are looking to be a Freelancer then the more qualifications that you are qualified to deliver the more desirable you will become to prospective employers.

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