How to become a First Aid Trainer

As a First Aid Trainer and also Director of a couple of First Aid Training Companies I often get asked for advice about setting up as a First Aid Trainer. I have now condensed this into a series of articles on this website that you can read and follow / ignore as you please.

Why have I done this? Firstly it should reduce the number of calls or emails I get asking the same things. I don’t mind answering, but when you have a Business to run it would be easier if I can point someone to this guide rather than saying the same things over.

Secondly it introduces people to my Business and my websites. Who knows, perhaps you will end up Freelancing for me or making use of my other resources.

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Andy Crowhurst

If you want to become a First Aid Trainer you will find plenty of advice here. This is not the place to give you advice about setting up a First Aid Event cover Business or, indeed teaching subjects such as Fire Safety or even Mental Health First Aid. Whilst a lot of the advice here is generic, I am not qualified to advise on those particular topics and First Aid Event Cover requires a completely different skillset and equipment.

On the other hand I have set up and run several Businesses since 1997 and these posts do contain general Business advice that can be applied elsewhere.

Onwards. Work through the pages in turn or jump to whatever interests you. If you see any errors or omissions please do let me know.

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Why become a First Aid TrainerQualifications overviewLegal format of your BusinessBuy equipment & consumablesPremium package
Can I become a First Aid Trainer – have I got what it takes?Getting QualifiedUseful Legal documentsList of Training Organisations
How do I become a First Aid TrainerGoverning BodiesVATList of governing and Awarding Organisations
Equipment neededBookkeepingUseful websites
Buy equipment and consumablesBusiness toolsFirst Aid abbreviations
Budgeting and pricingEarn while you sleepBooks and e-books
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Managing my courses
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