Business Principles – some ideas

First published 2012

Everyone has an opinion on how to run a business, from Michael O’Learey’s “Hook ’em with a low lead-in price, then charge breathtaking amounts for absolutely everything over and above the bare seat whilst not spending one unnecessary Euro” to James Dyson’s and Steve Job’s “Get the design right and the rest will follow” to John Timpson’s “Upside Down Management – If you treat people well, it is blindingly obvious that they will do a good job” style where his hands-off approach devolves power and financial responsibility to local shop Managers.

In the same way, as customers of businesses, whether it’s the local paper shop, a car showroom or even your local pub, we also all have our own opinions and we all know good and bad service when we encounter it. Phrases such as “Well, I’m never going back there, again” and “He was chatting to his colleague all the time whilst serving me” abound, as do “You’ve got to try this new place, the service was amazing” and “The Manager apologised for it being out of stock and brought a replacement round personally, the next day”.

 I’m no exception and following (in later Blogs) are a few of the principles that I abide to.

If anyone else wants to comment on any of my principles or add any of their own, then I’d love to hear from you.


  • I will never travel on Ryanair simply because of its attitude to its customers
  • I am now on my second Dyson after believing for years that Vax was the way to go
  • ‘Apple creep’ is happening in the household and, although I baulk at the prices charged, I love the IPad.
  • I have not had the need to visit my local Timpson’s since I read John Timpson’s Management book, but have a watch for repair just waiting for me to remember to take it in and get it assessed. If the service matches the principles of the book, I will be a very happy bunny.

So, onwards and downwards. Principle I – The Godfather Principle.

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